Test reports & Environment
Our products are TÜV or SGS tested conform to the existing standards.
• The COMFY® Noodle range, the COMFY® Kick, the COMFY® Twin as well as the COMFY® PRO Board are certified by the TÜV conform EN 13138-2: Buoyant aids for swimming instructions.
• The COMFY® Connector range is certified by SGS conform EN 71: Safety of toys.
Our foams are REACH conform and contain neither any polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (according to afPS GS 2014:01 – PAH) nor phthalates (according to Directive (EU) 2015/863 amending Annex II to Directive 2011/65/EU).
Therefore, our foams do not constitute any danger.
You can request the different test reports from your contact person.

What’s really important to us
The subject of sustainability is constantly gaining in importance in our society. We at NMC also attach great importance to the harmonization of industry, environment and society. Specifically, that means that we preserve resources and deal responsibly with the environment – and ultimately secure the long-term economic success of NMC through innovation.

It is through our conviction that we bear the responsibility for ensuring that neither people nor the environment are harmed by our products or our working methods. For this reason NMC has defined standards for environment and safety that apply throughout the company.

The bases of these standards are the «Responsible Care» initiative and the EU chemical regulations of 2007 on the registration, evaluation and authorization of chemicals, known as REACH for short.

NMC attaches importance to compliance with the company-wide environmental and safety standards, for which reason all companies and branches worldwide have obligated themselves to comply with the principles of our guidelines and goals, as well as the ” Responsible Care ” initiative.

Recycling is also an important topic at NMC. To mention just one example: our polyethylene scrap material, which is largely production- related, is always recycled for that reason. This conviction will continue to guide us in future, because thinking in terms of quality and visionary actions inevitably lead to greater quality of life.
Today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Our new sustainability strategy